Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Pastor's Reflections: Another Year's Journey

Greetings Beloved of God : I am grateful for the opportunity to write another blog on the Canaan Website as we approach the celebration of another year with God's people who are disciples of this branch of our faith. Once again, as I write to you, I am coming off a week-long period of rest, reflecting on my own faith journey and the many joys I have experienced in ministry for nearly 40 years. Like the Fathers of our faith, my testimony is one that tells of the incomparable faithfulness of God who called me to this work at age 17. On April 10, 2011, we will celebrate Mrs. Johnson and my 5th Anniversary at Canaan. While Christian values around the world continue to erode, our national economy struggling and unprecedented change all around us, God has blessed my family and I to share our faith with this congregation who has shown us much love and support. For this we are grateful to the Lord for each of you. I ask for your prayers as we are now in year 6. In particular, please pray that I remain focused and perserverent as together we face winds that seek to obstruct our mission to the world on behalf of Jesus Christ our Lord. God bless Canaan Baptist Church of Christ.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Support for Spring Revival

I would just like to thank all Canaan Disciples for your prayers and support for our Spring Revival. It revival was truly a great spiritual experience.