Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Reverend Aldridge "Pop" Miller Health Station

One of the greatest blessings in my ministry has been meeting, knowing and serving with the late Reverend Aldridge Miller. For many years Reverend Miller or “Pops” as he was affectionately called, served as Pastor of Visitation for Canaan Baptist Church of Christ. His commitment to Christian ministry was nothing short of remarkable. To the very end, he was a preacher and pastoral care giver to so many Canaan Disciples and others throughout the community. His ministry was one of showing mercy to others.

Among our many achievements in year 4, I am very proud of our decision to rename our nurses room as the Reverend Aldridge “Pops” Miller Health Station. Through the hard work of Bethesda ministry, the good will of others who choose to be unnamed and the support of the Canaan Family, this heath station is equipped with a comfortable recliner, first-aid material, diagnostic equipment for hypertension and diabetes and appropriate beverages for those who become ill during our worship service. This new heath station is a huge step in the right direction. We are now prepared to bring aid to those taken ill while at Canaan with a modernly equipped room and a qualified nursing staff. We have already seen the benefits of this ministry and I am certain we will have a growing appreciation for health care services provided at our health station.

Anyone who knew “Pop Miller,” will understand how appropriate it was to name this center for a man who truly exemplified holistic ministry in both word and deed. He was blessed with the gift of healing and each one of us is the better because he passed our way. Thank God for the REVEREND ALDRIDGE “POPS” MILLER HEALTH CENTER!

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